Jozee is your gateway to everything ethnic and handmade.

Every piece is made for you to see the beauty of every city in Egypt through our eyes.

Every city beholds a love story, a love story between us and every talented craftsman who walked its earth. Whether it was the unique embroideries of Akhmim, the meticulous handicrafts of the Siwans, or the rich heritage of the Bedouins, we’ve fallen head over heals.

Every talented crafter has so many stories to tell through every stitch they make or every thread they weave. Whatever the medium is there is always a story to tell.

Jozee is a platform that was founded to share the love, passion and stories behind ethnic and handmade products. Our love of the ethnic arts doesn’t just stop at Egypt, we admire the beauty of the Moroccan, Indian, Persian and Afghan traditional designs and make every effort to bring you the finest products with the highest qualities. Jozee aims to be the platform for every brand and designer that shares the same love and passion.

Our ranges of products were all passionately handmade or handpicked with emphasis on high quality and exquisite details. Rarely are two pieces ever the same, each piece is a unique expression of the artist who made it, passionately made for you.

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